The Communist Collective

The Communist Collective is one of the few governmental bodies on this far arm of the Euripides Galaxy, their territory being farthest along the arm and nearest Frontier Space. This governmental body follows the model of Network Communism, an application of classical communism believed to be the best model for sprawling interstellar communities. The Collective collects funds from its subsidiary “nodes” and provides infrastructure and protection, among other services, in return.

The government’s main function is to manage its nodal states, ensure that they are properly provided for and that they are being productive. The Collective monitors the activity of the nodal states, seeing if their goods requests are truly needed and monitoring productivity, through people with the title of Auditors. Auditors can act in secret, passively (in the event that a nodal state is suspected of cheating the system) or can act in an official and active manner, usually accompanied by a Commissary. The Auditors ensure that the nodal states are acting in accordance to their duties as a part of the Collective. Nodal states that are acting against the will of the Collective, either by cheating the resource welfare system or by committing unsanctioned acts of war, are brought before a court and are threatened with excommunication.

The Communist Collective is based out of Zuyeva in the Vespa system, and currently includes 347 nodal states within 8 parsecs.

Because of the Collective’s obvious communist beliefs, the fascist state of the Wolfe Imperium is their ideological opposite and sworn enemy.

The Communist Collective

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