For a Few Credits More

Session 1


The gang begins the session in the aftermath of them thwarting a human trafficking operation. They process the survivors and obtain information regarding the culprits and their operation. They find out that the prisoners were all abducted in the Bolshev system, which is Collective controlled space, meaning that Captain Barkus unfortunately had to report it to the Collective. The group went on to patrol duty and runs into Borscht, who after some monetary reminder supplements informs the group of a gambling den that is a front for a Hyperzine trading operation. The group barges into the basement where the den is and blows most of them to pieces. Chase Rogers is incapacitated by a near fatal blow to the head, and two of the inhabitants of the den are taken in alive for questioning. Just as the group arrives to the security building they see a Commissary unit has just arrived to the station, presumably regarding the Bolshev prisoners.


adriantcampbell adriantcampbell

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