Wolfe Imperium

The Wolfe Imperium is a looming threat within the galaxy, just out of reach, but for how long? The Imperium is a fascist state that lies on an adjacent wisp of stars that is across from DOW controlled space and only connects directly with this arm of the galaxy at a point far aftward of Collective controlled space, deep in Dead Space.

The Wolfe Imperium operates on a fascist model, which posits that the only way to rule a transtellar empire under one order is to subjugate it to autocracy and strong-arm rule, as opposed to the other governments of space that follow an alliance/union model. This military-heavy form of rule was once proposed by a previous senator of the DOW, Ivan Wolfe, who later went on to form the Imperium.

The Looming Invasion
There is much concern that the Imperium may amass an armada and lay siege to the free worlds of the galaxy. Some worry that the Imperium may already be on its way, traveling over a warp relay system that wraps around their wisp of space, into this arm’s dead space, and begin laying siege to the worlds of frontier space before attacking the Collective. This is the plan of attack that relies on existing technology, since current warp technologies are not advanced enough to allow for a direct jump across the 47 parsec gap between the DOW and Imperium space.

The relationship between a warp gate’s efficiency and its range follows a Power Law, which means that adding range to the warp gate makes the gate less efficient, and in order to make the longer jump a disproportionately larger source of power is needed. Using current Incurvon technology it is believed that the enormous warp gate needed for a 47 parsec jump is quite far away, but it is believed that it will one day possible, and that on that day the Wolfe armada will jump straight into the heart of the DOW and start a war. There are still others that believe that perhaps the Imperium may find a different power source that may make this jump a sooner reality, as the resources available in this far wisp of space are not known.

The Formation of the Imperium
The Imperium was formed by Ivan Wolfe. Previously a senator on Mielara, Ivan Wolfe voiced a concern that the DOW’s union system was inefficient, and that allowing the autonomous ruling of each independent planet-state caused too much internal conflict. The issue with having a single government rule over a transtellar body is that its resources are stretched too thin and enforcing laws and justice on the fringe worlds becomes difficult. Wolfe advocated for an autocratic approach, that ruling with military might was the answer to keeping delinquent systems in check and allowing for a homogeneous, functioning transtellar government. His ideas were heavily criticized for their fascist leanings and the senator was ostracized.

Everything began falling into place when Ivan murdered three senators that opposed him most fervently, when he detonated a hotel that the three were staying at. For these political assassinations and the collateral deaths caused by the destruction of the hotel, Ivan Wolfe was charged and found guilty of Murder on multiple counts and for crimes against the people. Ivan was sentenced to serve out the rest of his life aboard Tartarus, a maximum security deep space prison that exists (or existed) on a military complex planet, Orion Base.

Ivan prepared many things to fall into place before his imprisonment, beginning with the launching of a 20p warp gate into dark space, in the direction of what is now Imperium space. Ivan planned the following events to take place 35 years after the launching of this warp gate, well into his incarceration. An accomplice, Richard Dreikar, staged an assassination nearby Orion Base, and a good chunk of the men stationed there were sent out to manage the situation. During their absence, Ivan staged an escape with some additional outside (and some internal) assistance. Ivan liberated the prison and managed to board the space dreadnought, DWS Imperialis. After acquiring the ship, and hundreds more, thanks to the other prisoners, they made the 20 parsec jump to the warp gate that had been fired off 35 years prior. Some men stayed behind and destroyed the warp gate, so that Wolfe could not be followed. The fledgling armada came out 20 parsecs into empty, dark space, with another 27 parsecs (88 light years) ahead of them at sub-light speed to the nearest star. It is believed that the men either would use the onboard cryo deep-sleep tubes to remain alive (and not to age) for the trip, or that they used the onboard cybernetics lab to modify themselves. Either way, the Imperium disappeared and has not been heard from till this day. The only thing we have is a message left behind at Orion. The message simply stated, “We are the Imperium. We leave you now, but we will return. We will return to the sound of a million stamping boots marching in unison over your lands and across your stars. We will return and we will forge the future of the galaxy as we see fit”.

Wolfe Imperium

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