The All Seeing Eye of the Collective

The Auditors are a cold, dry bunch that dedicate themselves themselves to the preservation of the communist state that is set up by the Collective. While the tenets of Network Communism states that all of the nodal states within the Collective shall be provided for and their well-being secured, it also stipulates that the success of the system at large depends on everyone pulling their weight. In a system in which you can be provided for if need be, and where you can be handed goods of all sorts simply by asking, there are people who would seek to exploit this system. Often a node that becomes chronically underproductive is victim to a populace that has grown lazy in their being catered for by the Collective. Often times when a node reports little to no surplus value (which would normally be sent to the Collective to provide for the system) one may find that the checkbooks aren’t being balanced properly, you could say. The Auditors ensure that there is no funny-business, and that everyone is playing by the rules.

Standard Operating Procedure

There are several times when an Auditor may go out to visit and inspect a node. Whenever a node puts in a request for aid an Auditor will go out to inspect the node, usually in the company of a Commissar. The Auditor is looking for signs that would indicate the requested aid was in fact needed. If a node requests food, an Auditor should be able to find empty storerooms and kitchens. If a request to renovate a building was put in then an Auditor should be able to confirm that the building indeed needs renovating. At the end of this customary trip the Auditor will notate (in secret) the Aid Request Status. This status indicates the validity of the request, the status can either read Valid, Invalid, and Questionable. The first two statuses are self explanatory, but a Questionable status will necessitate an Auditor return in secret and to continue inspections in secret.

Auditors will also arrive during the annual full-inspection, a time where the node is inspected top to bottom by experts of all sorts. Engineers checking to see that energy systems are working optimally, electricians to ensure the wiring is all still okay, etc. During this time an Auditor will collect data of all sorts to catalog as a part of the node’s file. This data will tell us if a node is at risk of making certain requests in the future, this helps when determining the validity of future aid requests. For instance, if a farming node is found to have excellent soil conditions and a very good prospective growing season, it would be very strange if this same node requested aid due to food shortages, as this node would be predicted to have an abundance of both food and credits (from selling their bountiful harvests).

In the event that an Auditor applies to have a node tried in Collective court under the suspicion of crimes against the system, an Auditor will arrive unannounced with a full Commissary Guard unit to apprehend the heads of staff of a node. The heads of staff are brought back to Zuyeva to stand trial. In the event a node is found to be in direct violation of the Collective code of conduct, with heads of staff being aware of it, the node will be officially divorced from the Collective will all heads of staff being excommunicated from the Collective forever (meaning they can never hold permanent residence in Collective controlled space).


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