Captain Ikar Barkus

Head of Security on the Gibraltar Terminal


Captain Barkus is the brash and abrasive man that heads the security team on Gibraltar. He stands at about 5’8", is 64 years of age, and has a cheap metal prosthetic where his left leg was amputated below the knee.


Captain Barkus was a Senior Commissar with the Communist Collective roughly 30 years ago. He was investigating a a large freighter ship that had come out of warp and crash landed on the swamp planet Blera X37 in the Blera X system. He had landed his craft on a small patch of dry land and had to wade out into a bog that the ship had crashed into. Just as he was about to reach the ship, a large Vorian that had been obscured by the knee deep water lurched out and bit Barkus’ leg clean off. After the accident Barkus retired from the Commissary and moved out to Gibraltar and began work as a head of security, overlooking the at-the-time inexperienced security crew.

Captain Ikar Barkus

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